Protect Your iPhone 6, 6 Plus from every day life in DEAD Proof cases - with exclusive breathable Nano membrane for clear phone calls.

Trips to the beach, bar, or bathroom, can result in a DEAD iPhone.

Protect it with the Best and Toughest IP68 Certified cases from Riyo Tech.  Enjoy it no matter where.  Protect it every day but when needed, easily remove it in seconds with no need for tools.

Only Riyo Tech iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases come with Protection Guaranteed For Life* because they are built TOUGH to withstand what life throws at you.  

Issues with other "tough" or "waterproof" cases:

  • Unproven or low waterproof capability
  • Reduced touch sensitivity / response
  • Muffled phone call quality
  • Tool needed to install or remove phone

Our patented design is better than other cases because of:

  • Real IP68 Testing and Certification by an independent lab to stay waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters).  Others claim to be IP68 certified, but It's so expensive that there's no way of selling enough $20 cases to pay for it. 
  • The only protective case Guarantee For Life to stay waterproof.
  • Specially formulated screen guard never cracks and is molded to fit the shape of the Touch ID..
  • Most responsive Touch ID and touch screen = fastest performance with no delays.
  • Clearest Voice (no muffled conversations) - only our cases have  breathable Nano membrane covers for the microphone and speaker allow clear and loud sound on both ends.  Other cases use common materials in a box design, 
  • Tough industrial look and feel instead of pretty, flimsy thin look.  Yet still available in 6 fashionable colors.

Dead Proof iPhone Cases

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